This paperback book How to Hop Up Ford & Mercury V8 Engines: Speed Tuning, Theory, Costs, H.P. & Torque is a detailed understanding of how engines were built in 1951, specifically how to modify Ford/Mercury V8 engines to increase speed.
This Roger Huntington classic will help you understand how things were done around 1951, specifically, the details on planning the modifications, fitting the block, boring and stroking, flathead and overhead-valve cylinder heads, cams, pistons, rings, intake manifolds, exhaust headers and special ignitions. A special chapter discusses superchargers. The book shows classic speed equipment developed and manufactured by Ardun, Belond Besasie, Champion, Frenzel, Harman-Collins, Hilborn, Howard, Iskenderian, Italmeccanica, Kong, Mallory, McCulloch, Navarro, Offenhauser, Roemer, Smith & Jones, Spalding, SpeedOmotive, Stephens, Tattersfield-Baron, Tornado, Vertex, Weber and Winfield. The book also explains the V-8 family tree, planning the job, block modifications and assembly, cylinder heads, carburetors, estimating horsepower and how to get the most performance for your money. A classic guide for any auto buff's library.;
Country of Origin (Primary) US
GTIN 09781931128087
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Cartech/SA Design CB808 How to Hop Up Ford & Mercury V8 Engines

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Tags: How to Hop Up Ford & Mercury V8 Engines: Speed Tuning Theory, Costs, H.P. & Torque