This hardback book Formula 1 in Camera, 1960-69: Volume Two is a nostalgic record of the most dramatic decade in Formula 1 history. Featuring impressive real photographs, this book chronologizes the most diverse period in racing history.
Following the success of the author's previous Formula 1 in Camera and Sports Car Racing in Camera titles spanning the 1950s, '60s and '70s, this new volume returns to the 1960s--surely the most exciting, perilous and ever varied period in Formula 1. Meticulously researched photographs are brought to life through the author's renowned commentary to create a visually stunning and highly nostalgic record of this dramatic decade. Formula 1 in Camera, 1960-69, Volume Two will appeal to all motor-racing enthusiasts and especially to collectors of this impressive series.
Country of Origin (Primary) GB
GTIN 09780992876920
Life Cycle Status Code Available to Order
SDS Sheet Number BP692

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Cartech/SA Design BP692 Formula 1 in Camera, 1960-69: Volume Two

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