Edelbrock 91103 QwikData Bracket Racing Ha..

QwikData Bracket Racing Harness; 8 Analog Channels; 6 Digital Channels; [Available While Supplies La..

Edelbrock 91106 QwikData Analog Input Exte..

QwikData Analog Input Extension Wiring Harness; 4 ft.; Extends 4 Analog Inputs; [Available While Sup..

Edelbrock 91107 QwikData Desktop Harness

QwikData Desktop Harness; w/120V Ac Adapter; [Available While Supplies Last];Mini harness with 120 V..

Edelbrock 91109 QwikData EGT Thermocouple

QwikData EGT Thermocouple; Incl. 90 deg. Probe/1/8 in. NPT Steel Weld-In Bung/4 ft. Stainless Braide..

Edelbrock 91111 QwikData General Purpose T..

QwikData General Purpose Thermocouple Extension Cable; 4 ft.;Use to connect general purpose thermoco..

Edelbrock 91117 QwikData Cobalt Magnet

QwikData Cobalt Magnet; Rare Earth Magnets For All Shaft Speed Sensors; 2 pc.; [Available While Supp..

Edelbrock 91120 QwikData Non-Contact Therm..

QwikData Non-Contact Thermocouple; Analog; Infrared Temperature Sensor; Range 32 deg. To 662 deg. F...

Edelbrock 91123 QwikData String Potentiome..

QwikData String Potentiometer; Analog; Range 0-5 in.; [Available While Supplies Last];Analog. Range ..

Edelbrock 91127 QwikData Linear Potentiome..

QwikData Linear Potentiometer; Range 0-3 in.; Incl. Dual Rod Ends; [Available While Supplies Last];I..

Edelbrock 91129 QwikData Harness

QwikData Harness; [Available While Supplies Last];Voltage and Ground State Sensors are designed to c..

Edelbrock 91150 QwikData 2 LCU Connector K..

QwikData 2 LCU Connector Kit; AMP 26; 36 Pin; [Available While Supplies Last];For fabricating custom..

Edelbrock 91158 QwikData 2 Data Logger

QwikData 2 Data Logger; 24 Analog Inputs; 6 Digital Inputs; 1MB Memory; [Available While Supplies La..

Edelbrock 91165 QwikData 2 Switched Positi..

QwikData 2 Switched Positive Voltage Sensor; For Analog Input; [Available While Supplies Last];Volta..

Edelbrock 91166 QwikData 2 Switched Ground..

QwikData 2 Switched Ground Sensor; For Analog Input; [Available While Supplies Last];Voltage and Gro..

Edelbrock 91171 QwikData 2 Wide Band Exhau..

QwikData 2 Wide Band Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor;1/8 NPT Stainless Steel Pressure Sensors, Pigtail ada..

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